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Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave

by Kyle Shevlin

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Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave is a four song EP based on the book of Job. Each of the songs on this compilation is written from the perspective of Job, with some added creative license and a whole lot of Biblical plagiarism.

This EP is not for the faint at heart. The story of Job is a depressing one, and his pain and anguish have much to teach a world that too often ignores such things. Only listen if you are ready and willing to sit and ponder the frailty of the human condition and the aches and pains of a world suffering under the weight of violence, injustice and cruelty.

-Kyle Shevlin


released May 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Kyle Shevlin Portland, Oregon

While other bands and musicians waste their time writing songs about breakups, Kyle Shevlin is dedicated to writing songs of substance.

Singing with the aching heart of a man battered by time, Shevlin delivers with refreshing honesty.

His latest work, Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave, is a musical trek through the book of Job, and should not be listened to lightly.
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Track Name: Your Lies Will Dig Your Grave
Watch your mouth Zophar, Bildad and Eliphaz
Your words will come and bite you in the end
you might think your health implies your innocent
But you'll find your souls among the damned
But you'll find your souls among the damned

Each of you insists that you're superior
That you've been given visions of the truth
Relentless with advice for your inferiors
But I promise wisdom dies with you
But I promise wisdom dies with you

All your lies will dig your graves
And wash them white with lime and slake
And you'll find your lives a pathless waste of breath
Leading to death

Continue adding insult to my injuries
I've only lost health, my home, my kids
Yet you tear me down into these pieces
Forgive them for they know not what they did, Father
Forgive them for they know not what they did
Track Name: The Way I'm Supposed To Cry
Pottery to scratch my skin
Dogs to lick my wounds
A wife that thinks that I should die
And friends who think so too
And friends who think so too

Seven days in silence spent
Before I made my case
Then when I finally did
The hatred came my way
The hatred came my way

Sorry that what I'm going through
Has exposed the fear inside you
Little worlds that you hold on to
Are crumbling 'fore your eyes
Know your minds can't entertain that
Maybe God has made mistakes and
All the pain that I am facing
Can't be justified

10 of my seeds are gone
They'll never bloom again
I laid them in their flower beds
And said, “I get what I get”
And said, “I get what I get”

Now that all I have is gone
All I have is death
What is life but a road to
One final, pointless breath
One final, pointless breath

You don't get to decide
The way I'm supposed to cry
You don't get to decide
The way I'm supposed to cry
Track Name: Mother, Mother
Mother, Mother tell my why
Mother, Why not let me die?
Why bring me into this life?

Naked, Naked I came
Naked, Clothed and ashamed
Can't hide the scars and the pain

Rue the day
I was born
Close the womb and shut the doors
Why did your hands care for me?
Curse the night
I was conceived
Damn your breasts and damn your knees
I'd rather I stayed asleep
At rest with the ghosts and the kings

Mother, Mother who's to blame?
Mother, please answer me!
Why must I now feel this way?

Mother, Mother here I am
Mother, I'm barely a man
I've lost all that I ever had
Track Name: Their Smiles Are Telling Lies
I hear the smiles on their faces telling lies
Using words of fairy tales like righteous alibis
Each of them insists that I'm the one to blame
If only they could come to understand the fiction of their claims
Woe, Woe

If I've told you once, I know I'll tell you twice
Your accusations miss their mark, I reject what they imply
That my character is flawed, that I need grace
I have always been a righteous man, for each one of my days
Woe, Woe

I won't be afraid of suffering along the way
I won't fear what I don't know
Though there'll come a day when finally I will find the grave
I won't fear what I don't know

I made a promise once, I won't forget my words
A weaker man would hide complaints like scars beneath his shirt
But I'd rather speak and then be proven wrong
Than to live my life inside restraints and feign to carry on
Woe, Woe

And a blemish you won't find
I am clean in heart and mind
So strike me where I stand
Because I refuse
To speak a word that's not the truth